We would like to proudly recognize our ProStaff! They are a hand selected talented group of individuals who share a common love for the sport of hunting and the outdoors. They have taken on the ProStaff position to share their love for adventure and the outdoors, by helping others see and experience the thrill of the hunt, and the beauty nature holds. 
Sarah Fromenthal - EvoOutdoors ProStaff

Sarah Fromenthal
From Thibodaux, LA

Sarah has been hunting for about 18 years, primarily hunting Whitetail deer and hogs. She picked up a bow 8 years ago, and has been holding onto it ever since. She is always game for a new adventure and tries to spend as much time as possible in the woods!    
Troy Anderson EvoOutdoors ProStaff

Troy & Emily Anderson

From Peyton, CO


Troy and Emily have been sharing their passion for the outdoors since they were married. "Hunting has not only provided many healthy meals around our table, but also given us a way to connect on so many levels.  As avid bowhunters, we cherish each opportunity to get outside and spend time together in the woods.  

Emily and Troy have a hunting Blog  FromtheDrawwhich they share their hunting experiences and outdoor adventures.  The couple had the opportunity to participate in the ELKTOUR DVD last year, which is a documentary featuring America's elk hunters. 

"Spring Turkey, Antelope, Mule Deer, Elk, and whitetail are the tags found in our pockets year after year. Elk hunting is our passion. We count down the months each year until opening day rolls around. There is just something about a screaming, bugling bull elk that rattles your bones and shakes you to the core. Hunting is not just something we do… it has seeped down and become a part of who we are."

Christine Cunningham

From Kenai, AK

Christine is an avid hunter and writer who is able to capture her thoughts, experiences, and love for the outdoors. She has over 100 published works in national outdoors magazines, newspapers, and online. She uses her talent to infuse the enjoyment of the outdoors, often displaying the similarities of hunters and non-hunters. She enjoys teaching others, and is an instructor for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. She is also on the board for the Kenai Peninsula Safari Club International. When not in the field hunting, she volunteers as an instructor for Delta Waterfowl's youth education day, SCI's annual upland hunt, and Becoming an Outdoors-Woman. Christine has even found the time to author "Women Hunting Alaska," a book featuring the stories of 17 of Alaska's outstanding women hunters. 

Ryan Degethoff ProStaff EvoOutdoors
Ryan Degethoff

From Cochrane, Alberta Canada

With 26 years hunting experience, Ryan has seen his share of the outdoors. Living only 30 min from the Canadian Rockies, he is afforded quick access to Whitetail, Mule Deer, Moose, Elk, Ram, and Russian Razor Back Boar. Ryan is the archery director of the Chestermere Oilmens Association, which puts together events and tournaments, which then donate their proceeds back to the community. This helps bring current hunters together, and draws new faces to our passion, the outdoors. When not out in the field, Ryan writes about his adventures on the Blog The Alberta Bow Hunter

EvoOutdoors ProStaff Ryan Van Lew Ryan Van Lew

From West Falls, New York

Ryan has been out in the woods since the age of 5 with his father and actively hunting for the past 10yrs. Bow hunting is a true passion of his. Ryan currently teaches archers for the JOAD (Junior Olympic Archery Program). He prides himself on his ability to coach others and making a difference in our future generation.

"To me taking someone out and getting them into what I love doing is just as rewarding as if I were to hammer a big buck, turkey or catch a huge fish. The smiles make it all worth it."
 Ryan has also had the opportunity to be filmed with his father on the Outlanders TV show for the Sportmans Channel this past season.
EvoOutdoors ProStaff Morgan Gallus

Morgan Gallus

From Delano, Minnesota

Morgan was pretty much born in the woods as her father is an avid hunter/outdoorsman and growing up on a farm in Minnesota she has known nothing but hunting and fishing. She has traveled to several different states to hunt whitetail, Canadian goose, ducks and turkey. Morgan has also had the opportunity to go to New Zealand to hunt the Red 
Stag and Fallow Deer. At a young age Morgan has had a mission to change the worlds view of women hunters.